OPENharvest by OPEN ×  Foodlight project

About OPENharvest

To support farms and fisheries across Japan, the art and food collective OPENrestaurant will be traveling to Japan during rice harvest season, visiting farmers, artists, fishermen, cooks, and designers. Together with Tokyo-based Food Light Project, OPEN will organize a participatory
edible installation, OPENharvest, in Tokyo at the end of October.

OPENharvest will be an opportunity to tell the story of some of the great food producing communities throughout Japan, document visits to these producers, and to think critically about food production in the Japan. OPEN hopes to bring a bit of the country into the city by bringing farmers and fishermen into Tokyo to gather with and meet the people who eat the vegetables, meats, and fish
they produce.
Proceeds from OPENharvest events will benefit several food producing communities affected
by the earthquake. Food comes from the earth; food sustains people; and people
make society. With this universal idea in mind, we hope to imagine the future of
 food in Japan from a new more cooperative perspective.

OPENharvest will be held with California and Japanese chefs and artists all working together and exchanging ideas, to celebrate Japan’s food and food artisans. In the weeks prior to the event, the OPEN team will visit fishermen, farmers, producers and wild food foragers. These visits will be documented with video, interviews, and photography and these images and stories will be will be shared at the event.
The collected content of this trip will be turned into a magazine that is printed with English and Japanese side by side, so it can be shared between countries. The culminating magazine hopes to provide a sense of openness to the dialogue about where food comes from in Japan and in a larger way, celebrate what is working well in food production.

1971年にアリス・ウォーターズが、カリフォルニア・バークレーに開いたオーガニックレストラン「シェパニース」は、サンフランシスコ周辺で、農家や酪農家、漁業家などとの関係を深め、どこで、どのようにして私たちの食べ物は育てられ、どの季節に食べることが最も熟して美味しいのかということをアメリカの人たちにより深く考えさせるムーブメントを引き起こしました。また、小規模な生産者に対して、工業化された農業とは別の選択肢を与えました。食に対する透明性、命にかかわる畑と食卓のつながり、これらの着想がOPENの基本です。このシェパニースを中心としたシェフ達から生まれた食とアートのプロジェクト “OPEN”が初めて 日本にやってきます。名付けて“OPENharvest”。オーガナイズは、私たちFoodlight projectとアメリカのOPENの面々です。これまで西海岸を中心にアメリカ国内で開催されたOPENは、、そして未来をテーマに開かれました。

ここ東京でFoodlight projectOPENのメンバーと共に掲げるテーマは「harvest 収穫」。OPENharvest は、日本の豊かな食文化を違った視点で見つめる新たな機会となります。また自然とともに働く日本各地の生産者を訪ね、都市にその自然の一部を持ち込む機会にもなります。地球が食を育み、食が人をつくり、そして人が社会をつくります。この普遍的な考え方を胸に、日本の食の未来を伝統的かつ前衛的な視点でみつめてみます。
OPEN」とは、”Chez Panisse” レストランのスタッフである、Stacie Pierce, Jerome Waag Sam Whiteによって創設されたプロジェクト。“OPEN” プロジェクトは、ミュージアムとのコラボレーションにより、これまで「土」や「水」、「未来」などのテーマで食を中心とした様々な取り組みを展開してきました。
OPEN」は、食と社会を取り巻く問題について話し合い、 解決し、コミュニティーを豊かにするための、料理人、農家、教育者、そして創造的プロフェッショナル達の集まりでもあります。レストランという枠組みを使い、私達が食べている食物の背景にあるストーリーを探求し、OPENで自由な思考を創造する新しいカタチの参加体験プロジェクトです。

OPENharvest Themes
The food producers will be invited to join the celebration and meet face to face
with guests. Collaborative projects between California and Japanese
 artists include performance art and workshops. However, the event will be based on three themes.

Throughout Japan, more than 450,000 wild deer and boar are exterminated each
year for the damage they cause to rice field and other crops. However, only 10%
 of this wild food is eaten. With the performance of Nippon Gibier, chefs from
 OPEN and chef Fujiki will spit roast several whole wild boar over charcoal. A demonstration of the butchering of a whole deer will be accompanied by a video of
the deconstruction of a whole maguro drawing acomparison between two wild foods. We also hope to play a video of the hunt and capture of the very same wild deer and boar on a large screen.
THEME #1: 日本で自然に育つ食材の有効活用「ニッポンジビエ」


Okome (rice), is an essential Japanese ingredient, but few know how it is cultivated
and processed. Focusing on this basic ingredient, we will consider the past
 and future of Japanese society. We will offer workshops on rice polishing, washing and cooking in a traditional iron kama.
Guests will then learn how to make “mother’s” onigiri, seasoned only with salt.
THEME #2: 日本の伝統的な食材「お米」再発見


“Matsuri” (festival) exist in various forms throughout Japan. However, the festival of thanks to nature’s spirits for the life they bring are common at harvest time in the fall. Together with farmers, chefs, artists and the participants, we will explore the future of food in the society through this giving of thanks. In partnership with YATAI TRIP, our matsuri will feature a number of yatai, serving simple vegetable and fish dishes. Music will be performed by Yatai Trip, and a Food Light Project movie by Naoki Ito will be shown.
THEME #3: 旬の恵みに感謝する「収穫祭」